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Semmelweis University School of Medicine, Budapest, June 2003

Summa cum Laude

G C School of Careers, Nicosia, June 1997


November 2006- December 2011: Chief resident/Resident, Child and Adolscent Psychiatry, Örebro University Hospital, Örebro, Sweden. Service in General paediatrics, Paediatric neurology, Acute CAP, General CAP, Psychiatry, Neurodevelopmental paediatrics & Rehabilitation, Forensic psychiatry and Addiction psychiatry.

August 2006- October 2006: Internship, Stockholm Centre for Eating Disorders, St:Görans’ Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

July 2005- February 2006: Internship (Junior), Radiation Oncology Department, BOCOC, Nicosia, Cyprus

September 2003- September 2004: Pre-registration house officer, Nicosia General Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus


November 2017- (ongoing): Consultant in C&A psychiatry, Own Private Practise, Nicosia, Cyprus.

September 2017- September 2018: Clinical Collaborator, University of Cyprus Medical School.

September 2017: Clinical Research Collaborator, To Paidi (Centre for subspecialised Paediatrics)

July 2017- November 2017: Senior Consultant, Inpatient Department, C&A Psychiatric Clinic, Makareio Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus.

September 2016 – June 2017: Senior Consultant, Head of the Neuropsychiatric Team, Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Adolescents, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden, 50%. Pre-doctoral student and research collaborator (supervisor: Dr. Susanne Bejerot. ImmunoBrain Study: Inflammation and its role in pathogenesis of invalidating psychiatric disorders). School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden, 50%.


September 2015- August 2016: Senior Consultant, Head of the Neuropsychiatric Team, Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Adolescents, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden.

July 2012- August 2015:  Senior Consultant, Department of Neurodevelopmental disorders, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden.

January 2012- June 2012: Junior Consultant , Outpatient Department, Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinic, Örebro University Hospital, Sweden.

September 2014- June 2017: Advisor, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Expert, Drug Therapeutic Committee, Health and Medical Care Administration of the Örebro County Council, Örebro, Sweden.


In Integrative Psychotherapy, May 2011 Södersjukhuset Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden

In DC:0-3R (The Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood), 2015

Double-qualified Learning Mentor for medical interns and C&P chief-residents.

In ADOS2 (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule), November 2017 Manchester, UK


Swedish Medical Association (Läkarförbundet), since 2006

Swedish Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, since 2007


Cyprus Medical Association, since 2004

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, since 2011


On 25/09/2012, from the National Board of Health and Welfare of Sweden (Socialstyrelsen)

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